Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rage in Heaven (1941)

Rage in Heaven (1941) Poster

**** out of 5

"I haven't changed much.  My trousers have grown a little longer is all"

Woody Van Dyke directs this thriller from a James Hilton story about a woman over whos affection two childhood friends contend.   Ingrid Bergman as the girl in question is her usual excellent self.  And in a unique twist, Robert Montgomery is the sadistic, narcissistic, paranoid, delusional villain, and George Sanders is the nice guy everyone roots for.  The themes of jealousy take this story to really dark territory, and the twisted plot Montgomery rigs to make his suicide appear to be a murder by Sanders turns the film into a great example of Wrong Man Noir.

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  1. this looks really good!!! Is woody related to Jerry and Dick?