Monday, November 24, 2014

Night Editor (1946)
Night Editor (1946) Poster

*** out of 5

"You're like a sickness. I was sick!"

Okay, so the title really tells very little of what the film is about, but is more a reference to the film's framing device, as the movie is a story told by the night editor to his fellow newspaper staff members.

The story he tells is pure noir.  A cop who is running around on his wife (and young son) at night with another girl witnesses a murder, but can't report it out of fear for the scandal it would cause.  Turns out, the girl he was with knows more about the murder than she lets on, and her motives for wanting him to keep it secret run deeper than merely protecting their respective families.  How it all plays out is a very entertaining b-noir story, and the wrap-up at the end makes sense of the newsroom framing device in a quite unexpected way.

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