Friday, November 21, 2014

Man in the Dark (1953)

**** out of 5

"I was born on a Monday, I may as well go on one too- like dirty laundry."

It's noir- in 3d!  not only does this film incorporate a fun gimmick of stereoscopic entertainment, it is also pretty great noir.  It plays on the classic amnesia trope of the man who doesn't know the evil things he's responsible for, but is still caught in the web of the consequences.  It's a great thrill-ride -- literally, at the end, as the climactic chase takes place on a rollercoaster at an amusement park.
The twist on the amnesia resulting from a misguided attempt to extract the evil part of his brain by a slightly off-kilter brain surgeon is a nice touch, and the cinematic way in which the memories slowly come back is great stuff as well.
Oh, and we have another in the long line of dogged insurance investigators  in this, a man who only wants to recover the money, and is willing to let Edmond O'Brian's character walk if he will give it up. Audrey Totter also has a nice part as O'Brian's moll who has a change of heart when she sees how nice he is after his lobotomy...
And if you happen to watch it in 3d, you'll get a lot of great stuff-coming-at-you moments, too!

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