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2015 Noirvember Cast and Credit Awards

I knew I wanted to call out my favorite highlights from this year's Noirvember viewings, but I didn't want to just do a bunch of lists.  Instead, I have decided to pit them against each other in an imaginary contest, like fantasy football, but with filmmakers instead of player stats, and little gold Noir statuettes instead of money for the prizes.  That's right, the points are just like Who's Line Is It Anyway.  You will notice that I list multiple titles by certain artists.  This is not because they are necessarily uniformly great in all of them, as I may be picking them for one particular film;  I listed multiple titles in these cases only to include all the ones they were in that were part of this year's Noirvember list. The honorable mentions lists afterward vary in length, as I only included the workers that I found especially noteworthy.  The thing I find most fun about this arrangement is that, given the range of years being covered, most of these performances and films would never have competed against one another in a real award contest.  So, anyways, here we go:

My Pick? Jules Dassin for Night and the City.

Honorable Mentions:
Carol Reed - Odd Man Out
Alfred J. Werker - Shock
Ted Tetzlaff - The Window, Riff-Raff
Roy Del Ruth - Red Light
H Bruce Humberstone - I Wake Up Screaming
Robert Rossen - Johnny O'Clock
Henry Hathaway - Fourteen Hours
Fritz Lang - You and Me
Fred Zinneman - Kid Glove Killer
Anthony Mann - Two O'Clock Courage
Rudolph Mate - Union Station, D.O.A.,
William Castle - Undertow, Hollywood Story
Richard Fleischer - The Clay Pigeon
Robert Wise - Mystery in Mexico, House on Telegraph Hill
Joseph L. Mankiewicz - House of Strangers
Gordon Douglas - Between Midnight and Dawn, Walk a Crooked Mile

My Pick? Anthony Veiller for The Killers.

Honorable Mentions:
Robert Rossen -  Johnny O'Clock
Walter Doniger - Rope of Sand
John Paxton - Rope of Sand, Fourteen Hours
Mel Dinelli - The Window
F.L Green/R.C. Sherriff - Odd Man Out
Carl Foreman - The Clay Pigeon
Eugene Ling - Shock, Between Midnight and Dawn
Martin Rackin - Riff-Raff, Race Street
George Bruce - Walk a Crooked Mile
Lawrence Kimble/Jerome Odlum/Dennis O'Keefe/Francis Swann - Cover Up
Philip Yordan  - House of Strangers

My Pick? Robert Krasker for Odd Man Out.

Honorable Mentions:
Ernest Lazslo - D.O.A., Cover Up
Victor Milner - Dark City
William O Steiner/ Robert de Grasse - The Window
Charles Lang - Rope of Sand
Joe MacDonald - Shock, Fourteen Hours
Paul Vogel - Kid Glove Killer
Harry J. Wild - Johnny Angel
Burnett Guffey - Johnny O'clock
George Robinson - Walk a Crooked Mile
Roy Hunt -  Race Street

My Pick? Franz Waxman for sheer volume of consistently outstanding work. 

Honorable Mentions:
Dimitri Tiomkin - D.O.A., Red Light
David Buttolph - Shock
Kurt Weill - You and Me
Leigh Harline - Johnny Angel
George Duning -  Johnny O'Clock
Frank Skinner - Ride the pink horse
William Alwyn - Odd Man Out
Hans Salter - Cover Up, Killer That Stalked New York
Daniele Amfitheatrof - House of Strangers
Alfred Newman - House on Telegraph Hill, Fourteen Hours

My Pick? Richard Widmark for Night and the City.

Honorable Mentions:
George Raft - Red Light, You and Me, Johnny Angel, Race Street
Edmond O'Brien - Between Midnight and Dawn, D.O.A., The Killers,  Two of a Kind
Bobby Driscoll - The Window
James Mason - Odd Man Out
Richard Conte  - House of Strangers, Hollywood Story
Victor Mature - I Wake Up Screaming
Vincent Price - Shock
Dick Powell - Johnny O'Clock
William Holden - Union Station
Scott Brady - Undertow
Van Heflin - Kid Glove Killer
Paul Douglas - Fourteen Hours
Richard Basehart - Fourteen Hours, House on Telegraph Hill

My Pick? Shelley Winters for He Ran All the Way.

Honorable Mentions:
Lizabeth Scott - Dark City
Corinne Calvet - Rope of Sand
Betty Grable - I Wake Up Screaming
Gale Storm - Between Midnight and Dawn
Pamela Britton - D.O.A.
Virginia Mayo - Red Light
Sylvia Sydney - You and Me
Marsha Hunt - Kid Glove Killer
Signe Hasso - Johnny Angel
Lynn Bari - Shock
Kathleen Ryan - Odd Man Out
Louise Albritton -  Walk a Crooked Mile
Marilyn Maxwell- Race Street
Jacqueline White -  Mystery in Mexico
Jane Frazee - Incident
Susan Hayward  - House of Strangers
Valentina Cortese - House on Telegraph Hill

My Pick? Francis L. Sullivan for Night and the City.

Honorable Mention:
Percy Kilbride - Riff-Raff
Herbert Lom - Night and the City
Wallace Ford - He Ran All the Way
William Bendix - Race Street, Cover Up
Ed Begley - Dark City
Barry Fitzgerald - Union Station
Arthur Shield - Red Light
Luther Adler - D.O.A., House of Strangers
Daniel Ferniel - Undertow
Paul Henreid - Rope of Sand
Claude Raines - Rope of Sand
Gene Lockhart - Red Light
Hoagie Carmichael - Johnny Angel
Fred Clark - Ride the Pink Horse, Hollywood Story
Lee J. Cobb - Johnny O'Clock
Robert Newton -  Odd Man Out
Walter Slezak -  Riff-Raff
Art Smith - Ride the Pink Horse, Killer That Stalked New York
Art Baker - Cover Up, Walk a Crooked Mile
Warren Hymer - You and Me

My Pick? Googie Withers for Night and the City.

Honorable Mention:
Margaret Wycherly - Johnny Angel
Viveca Lindfors - Dark City
Jan Sterling - Union Station
Allene Roberts - Union Station
Beverly Garland - D.O.A.
Marya Marco - The Clay Pigeon
Ruth Roman - The Window
Carole Landis - I Wake Up Screaming
Andrea King - Ride the Pink Horse
Doro Merande - Cover Up
Debra Paget  - House of Strangers, Fourteen Hours
Fay Baker - House on Telegraph Hill
Grace Kelly - Fourteen Hours

My Pick? Neville Brand for D.O.A.

Dishonorable Mention:
Paul Stewart - The Window, Appointment with Danger
Jack Lambert - The Killers
Donald Buka - Between Midnight and Dawn
Elisha Cook Jr. - I Wake Up Screaming
Marc Krah -  Riff-Raff
Frank Faylen - Race Street
Ricardo Cortez - Mystery in Mexico
Richard Quine - the clay pigeon
Richard Loo - The clay pigeon

My Pick? McGraw and Conrad for The Killers.

Dishonorable Mention:
Meyer Grace & Robert Osterloh - Incident

Two Special Awards:

Most Annoying Character Award: Joyce Compton for Incident
Runner Up: Ann E. Todd for Cover Up

Most Stentorian Narrator Award: Reed Hadley for practically every docu-noir ever

And now for the main event!

My Pick? Night and the City and The Killers in a tie.

So... how does your ballot compare to mine?

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