Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Lost World (1960)
The Lost World (1960) Poster

*** out of 5

Brings the spectacle you'd expect from Irwin Allen productions, and also an ensemble cast as usual.  Where the earlier silent version pared down the cast, this one adds characters, resulting in less time for character development and thus ends up with several somewhat 1-dimensional characters.  Claude Rains, who is usually an excellent performer, delivers a lot of histrionics, especially early in the film. And the dinosaurs, which should be the biggest draw of the film, end up being the chief disappointment; instead of awe-inspiring effects, we get lizards and baby crocodiles with spines and horns glued onto them, tramping through miniature jungle sets or composited into shots of the cast.
There are some cool additions, with giant spiders and man-eating plants, but the net result is less exciting than the 1925 silent film.

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